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The Agreed App is an easy to use mobile tool for e-signing documents and attaching verified digital media. Don't just e-sign... verify who & what is being signed for with authenticated audio, video, and picture. With the Agreed App, you can sign what you want when you want.

edit on the go

Add multiple Signatures, Initials, or Text on PDFs right from your mobile device

Cloud or email upload

Upload docs to sign & verify from cloud providers such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and Google Drive…or right from your email

Attach digital media

Verify who & what is being signed for by adding time and date stamped Audio, Video and Picture

why use this app?

Because we value your TIME | Because we value your SECURITY | Because we value your BUSINESS
Don't Just E-Sign...Verify With Audio, Video and Picture

We at The Redkomodo, Inc. created the Agreed App because we found that printing, scanning and shipping signed documents was a hassle and way too expensive. Prior to our Beta release we also found that no competing apps were available that gave users the ability to attach videos, pictures, and audio to signed documents. We hope you understand that the product you download is still a work in progress. We are currently developing some awesome new features as well as a new UX/UI to make the signing experience that much easier and more seamless. We look forward to your feedback about our app!

  • user survey results

    % of users who feel signatory verification is important to them

  • user survey results

    % of users who value the attachment of digital media

  • user survey results

    % of users who e-sign digital documents 3+ times per day

user industries

For the past year we have been analyzing our BETA user data. We have various users domestically and internationally. With the upcoming completion of our patent-pending Agreed App API, we will be able to provide a plug in service for our enterprise clients. Below are the most popular industries of our consumer BETA user base.
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Construction Project Managers need to coordinate with various team members and subcontractors. Being able to sign documents and attach video and pictures of construction sites to checklists, blueprints, and assessments brings great value.
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Inspection Services

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Inspection Industry Professionals value the ability to attach video and pictures to their inspection checklists and assessments that they have signed. The Agreed App improves the efficiency of the overall inspection process, bringing great value to the industry.
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Small Businesses

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Small Businesses are the backbone of the U.S. and as the trend of going mobile has risen, our product has been used to sign docs on the go at an affordable price.
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Real Estate

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Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lending Firms find value in our product because our app makes it easy to place multiple signatures on large documents. They also find value in being able to attach images of properties to their signed documents for verification.

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